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"Men are looking for the freedom to come together in greater strength for their families and businesses.  God knows about this hunger, He has heard the prayers of believers and I think He is ready."

Angus Buchan

Men's conference
Nashville, TN


Share your God-Story from the first Men's Conference USA, and encourage the faith of men across the globe. We want to hear your testimony—we may even use it elswhere to build up and strengthen the faith of others.

Initiating God's Direction

In the words of World Outreach Church, Senior Pastor, G. Allen Jackson, "The Men's Conference Nashville is about a new harvest yet realized but being inspired in an unmistakable, global push of men with a greater expectation of God through them." The Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, TN, was the chosen site for this major event November 17, 2013.

There is more far reaching evidence of Christian revival that the founder of the Men's Conference, Angus Buchan, brings November 17, 2013, scoping out the reality of hundreds of thousands of men that are learning to apply Scripture to every part of their lives. "There is this new courage I am witnessing and a very practical, generous desire to learn how God's Word is our Almanac to everything. The harvest for our families , our businesses and our future depends on God. I am seeing how men in direct fellowship with God can call on God to become their greatest partner! I have a God miracle, and it can become anyone's with His help. Nashville's conference will be a world event that we can all point to if we want to enlarge our faith," reports Buchan from his South Africa headquarters.

The November Conference gained attention and support through global media outlets and grassroots resourcing. In the first few days of announcement thousands responded with interest. "I believe we are following a direct God invitation. This is a historic time of faith as we trust God to initiate so much more than we can see or imagine. Just a few weeks ago scientists told us about new territories being discovered through great scopes going into deeper realms of space. I had to chuckle because it reminded me that this is the very same thing we are experiencing God do in our midst on the earth. Somehow, we can sense that there is so much more God wants to do. This Conference is about asking God to help us accomplish what He has for us," said Jackson.

"I believe that men need to be direct participants in God's plan — not spectators from the bleachers."

Pastor G. Allen Jackson

The Mission

Buchan and Jackson Form a Unified Mission

“The Men's Conference carves a new path of applying the direction of Scripture to the events of today that most need answers. There is no other resource available to everyone that has more credibility. God seems to call upon men at historic times to inform society, and I think He is doing this right now too.”

Allen Jackson, Senior Pastor of World Outreach Church for over 25 years
and Men's Conference Nashville Program Initiator through Intend Ministries.

“Christian men everywhere seem to be hungry for practical, individually dynamic and open fellowship with other men. We just want it straight and simple. We want to meet with other guys who struggle in their faith and are also wondering about their place in ministry in God’s world and kingdom.”

Angus Buchan, World Evangelist, Author, Sony’s “Faith Like Potatoes”

Men's Event History

Pastor Jackson Has Determined Commitment For His Congregation: Make it possible for everyone to know God In The Most Dynamic Way Possible!

When World Outreach Church Senior Pastor G. Allen Jackson reached out to men of Middle Tennessee made possible through the interest of his congregation in September 2003 by hosting a Men’s Leadership Event, they thought 150-200 men attending was a huge victory.

Almost 600 guys showed up in the rain to commit to pray for one another and to seek God. And another 700 came to a second event, featuring Charlie Daniels, just a month later and received a simple “playbook” that listed positive ideas for next steps toward greater significance in their lives and with their families. Men want to know-how!

A local physician who was in attendance that second night remembers: “When all those men assembled onto the football field at MTSU’s Floyd Stadium, we knew we were in the game – not passive spectators. We were challenged to be Godly men, 24/7.”

That first event series has been followed many times by a gathering of men of all ages throughout the Middle Tennessee and surrounding states looking for greater possibilities to find God’s mission – a divine direction that will bring greater purpose in their families, work and within.

“This is the greatest ‘search-and-find era’ of mankind! There are powerful social connections, and God can use all of them!” said Jackson. “People, particularly men, are looking for ways they can belong to a real God-plan for life. I believe that men need to be direct participants in God’s plan – not spectators from the bleachers. We initiated the men’s conference at WOC 10 years ago so men could have an opportunity to hear practical yet extraordinary God stories. They connected ideas that began to prevail and they found new hope in the shared experiences.”


Pastor Jackson met Angus Buchan in 2011 at the Feast of Tabernacles at the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem. He was inspired by how Angus’ Men's Event message offered direct, engaging values of God-hope that the USA, first with his own congregation in the Middle Tennessee area, were waiting to hear about.

“I think Angus sees the bigger needs driving men to open up to God. He creates a listening strategy. His message is a living reality of God with a magnitude I had never heard before.”

Angus Buchan
& G. Allen Jackson

Angus Buchan’s Story Is Also A Major Motion Picture

Angus Buchan, a farmer displaced from his native land of Zambia by both racial and political unrest, moved his fam-ily to South Africa for a better life. His first book, also a major motion picture, Faith Like Potatoes, is about his prayers that built a crop of untold proportion and got an entire nation to want to find out how.

At a time when he was warned not to farm that year due to the massive drought in the land, Buchan stepped out on what he believed was instruction from heaven; his massive harvest of potatoes that year was nothing short of supernatural and provided powerful testimony to other farmers in the area. Buchan is an economic change agent, and his story shows how building dreams around God can result in grand results like no other.

G. Allen Jackson’s Mission Is To Make Church Real

G. Allen Jackson began pursuing the ministry after experiencing a healing miracle for his mother as part of the home Bible study that formed the roots of World Outreach Church. Having studied at Oral Roberts University, Vanderbilt University and Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Jackson has served as senior pastor for 25 years with a 24/7 church mission that extends God’s message for today’s world.

Jackson is best known for his study concepts developed in bytes called mini-series. The 2013 study was extended to home Bible studies throughout the country with thousands of people in 30 states opening their homes, inviting friends and hosting their independent small group studies. Most recently, Jackson distributed his book study, Freedom From Worry, a six-week video designed to help people desire to overcome anxiety with God’s love, purpose and power.

"I didn't understand the meaning behind the AMEN when my brothers in Christ expressed it after the last time Angus was in Murfreesboro. But, I do now!!"

Bill in Murfreesboro

Snapshots From May 2013 Men's Event

On May 3, 2013, more than 10,000 men gathered at MTSU’s Murphy Center, Murfreesboro, TN, to be part of the first Men's Conference in America!

"Several of us from the Columbus, Ohio area rented a bus for this event. We rode the bus down, attended the event, and rode the bus back that night, arriving home about 23 hours after we left. This event was amazing and lives were changed! I watched men unashamedly get down on bended knees before God, confessing sins, praying for healing and praying for deliverance from the spirit of rebellion. There is no doubt that healing has taken place while lives and families are being restored through God's healing touch. Angus spoke of revival occuring in our country and I see this event as being the start of a mighty revival as long as the men of God are willing to lead AND be men of God."

- Doug in Ohio

"As I bought my two tickets for the men's event, I was very excited to attend and for the person I bought the additional ticket for. But the day of the men's event I found out that the person I intended the ticket and shirt for canceled at the last minute. I was disappointed, but I kept faith that I was going to use the extra ticket and the shirt on the men's event.

When I arrived at the Murphy Center I met with my wife's co-worker's husband and his group while he was waiting outside to enter the event. Before I entered the event to get the seats for the group I gave him the extra ticket to give to someone that needed one. As I entered the event I did not think much of it. The men's event was wonderful and uplifting. As the event was concluding and everyone came to the stage, Rick tapped on my shoulder and said, "That ticket you gave me, I gave it to that man." I looked up and I noticed the man was on his knees pouring his heart to God. I am so thankful God used me as an instrument to bless another men's life, I will continue to pray for that man as his God story grows."

- Hector in Murfreesboro

"It is time to discover your own place in God's unfolding purposes. It is time to step up and follow Jesus in bold faith."

Pastor Allen Jackson

Tools and Ideas

AMEN - This six week DVD-driven study will help you to personalize your own God story and turn His invitations in to practical application. Each session contains an introduction from Pastor Allen Jackson, a clip from the movie Faith Like Potatoes and a teaching session from Angus Buchan.

This study is designed to give you the tools you need to get together with friends and get into the Word without the heavy-lifting of creating your own material. Click here to get started.


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